Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

E40. Crazy Socks: Psychology of Inspiration Beyond Limitation

E40 - Crazy Socks: Psychology of Inspiration Beyond Limitation

(00:00:25) Special Guests: Super-Sock Moguls Mark X. & John Cronin 




LIMITATIONS getting in the way of INSPIRATION? Distorted thoughts sabotaging your ABILITIES?  How about some inspiration?


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(00:01:25) Dr. Ima’s PMS Performance Analysis

(00:53:45) Deep, Dark Recesses Quirky Cortical Question 


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00:44:20 “The choice is NOT between being right or wrong but between being right or HONORING the relationship!” - #DocHeath


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(00:02:00) Mark X. Cronin & son John are co-founders of John’s Crazy Socks, a social enterprise with a mission to spread happiness. They’ve demonstrated that pursuing social goals – demonstrating what people with differing abilities can achieve and giving back – makes for good business. Mark advocates for the rights of differently-abled people. Mark has testified before Congress twice, speaks at the UN & makes numerous trips to Capitol Hill.


(00:56:27) Chief Shrinkstigator, Dr Ima’s Psycho-Malarky Scale (PMS) Analysis.



00:06:10 - Value of Diversity & Synergy in Business

00:06:50 - John’s ALL-TIME FAVORITE Sock Creation

00:08:45 - John’s CRAZY SOCKS: The Bootstrapping Backstory

00:17:50 - Overcoming Hurdles in your Sock Feet

00:20:00 - Sock Success Avalanche

00:21:30 - Adversity, Diversity, & Differing Abilities

00:30:35 - LACK of Diversity LIMITS SUCCESS

00:39:50 - Managing Family Business Disputes

00:46:20 - Presidential Sock Buddies

00:51:05 - Socks & Mindset

01:00:06 - Government Legal Gobbledy-Gook Allergy Warning



(00:26:30) Fresh from the Therapy Couch stories of Hurting, Helping, & Healing

(00:29:55) A.R.T. LAB Library CouchCrumbs Quote


MORE INFO from Mark X. & John Cronin of JOHN’s CRAZY SOCKS, go to: …where you can feast on a foot-friendly buffet of over 4,000 socks.


(00:59:02) NEXT EPISODE - “SUPER-CHARGED LIVING: Psychology of Personal Power” w/Special Guest & Human Battery Charger, Dr. Denise Moore Revel.


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