Tuesday Feb 07, 2023

E39. Life De-Cluttered: Psychology of Schedule-Hacking

E39 - Life De-Cluttered: Psychology of Schedule-Hacking

 w/ Special Guest and Queen of Clean Gael Wood


(00:00:24) Hey TBALrs… Is your schedule a FOREST of cluttered appointments LITTERING the pages of your life?  Ever get BURIED in a closet AVALANCHE?  Have you ever LOST your children in a garage that’s more like a garbage JUNGLE?  Our guest today is the Queen of Clean; Your Clutter’s worst nightmare!  And she’s her to….CLEAN YOU UP!!!


WARNING:  Beware of proceeding if ALLERGIC to challenging THOUGHTS!


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(00:01:38) Dr. Ima’s PMS Performance Analysis

(00:54:28) Deep, Dark Recesses Quirky Cortical Question 


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(00:19:55) “Time is a resource that SPOILS via EVAPORATION!” - #DocHeath


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(00:00:58) Episode Intro & Guest Bio

 In 2013 Gael began a journey to makeover her life! She was burned out & buried UNDER, in debt, general un-wellness, & needed to find another way before she ended up sicker or divorced.  Today, she lives her best life w/“time freedom”. That’s what SHE wants for you too.  


(00:57:28) Chief Shrinkstigator, Dr Ima’s Psycho-Malarky Scale (PMS) Analysis.



(00:04:30) Dealing w/ Time-Suckers

(00:08:41) De-Cluttering Beliefs

(00:12:45) Sabotaging Apostrophe T’s

(00:16:23) Gael’s Life-DeCluttering Journey

(00:23:30) Meaning-Based Scheduling

(00:28:00) Life-Extension by Scheduling

(00:34:15) Early QUICK WINS Essential to Motivation 

(00:38:25) Reducing Friction to Success

(00:49:15) Social Media Scheduling

(00:52:00) Time Mgt. Accountability 



(00:32:14) Psych-Secrets: Radical Anxiety Acceptance

(00:29:03) A.R.T. LAB Creature Feature w/SAFARI SARAH exterminating IUTys & Grey Herrings


MORE INFO from DE-Clutter Coach Gael Wood, go to:

https://www.elevatewithgael.com/declutter-your-schedule-free-book For FREE Ebook “Declutter Your Schedule!”


(01:00:00) NEXT EPISODE - “Crazy Socks: Psychology of Inspiration Beyond Limitation” w/SockMaster Extraordinaires Mark X. & John Cronin (Founders of John’s Crazy Socks)


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Want to Dig Deeper into Today’s Topic?

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