Wednesday Apr 05, 2023

E59. Furry Coaches: The Secret Psychology of Pets (Part 1 of 2)

E59. Furry Coaches: The Secret Psychology of Pets (Part 1 of 2)


w/Relationship Renovation Guru, Maureen Scanlon


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Maureen Scanlon joins Doc Heath in the A.R.T. LAB for a 2-part episode to talk about how 4-legged family members can train us in essential relationship skills such as connection, communication, unconditional love, forgiveness, and the value of just being present.  Join in and learn what your pet can teach you about having and healing relationships.


Doc Heath has a dual Ph.D. in Neuropsychology & Forensic Psychology.  He has been in the behavioral health field for over three decades and operates his own private practice clinic.





(00:27:00) Psych-Secrets: Shhhhhh…..FYBO (For Your Brain Only)

(00:23:58) A.R.T. LAB Creature Feature w/SAFARI SARAH hunting down the UNDER-thinking N.A.T.



(00:05:00) Pets as Unconditional LOVE Experts

(00:10:00) Be Careful of Your Relationship’s Ratio of Criticism to Reinforcement

(00:16:00) Conditioning to Connect

(00:28:42) Normal Relationships CAN Occur at Differing Distances

(00:31:00) The Value of Being 100% YOU

(00:42:00) Partners are People Not Labels or Diagnoses


NEXT EPISODE - Furry Coaches: The Secret Psychology of Pets (Part 2 of 2)


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Want to Dig Deeper into Today’s Topic?

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