Wednesday Apr 12, 2023

E60. Furry Coaches: The Secret Psychology of Pets (Part 2 of 2)

E60. Furry Coaches: The Secret Psychology of Pets (Part 2 of 2)


w/Relationship Renovation Guru, Maureen Scanlon


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Maureen Scanlon joins Doc Heath in the A.R.T. LAB for the second of a super-charged 2-part episode encouraging humans to learn from furrier members of the family to maximize relationships.  This info-packed episode covers love, self-empowerment, & resilience in relationships including the power of personal responsibility and how we should beware of social media misinformation memes of toxicity, gas-lighting, & emotional reasoning.  We first engineer our thoughts THEN, our thoughts engineer our lives.


Doc Heath holds a dual Ph.D. in Neuropsychology & Forensic Psychology.  He has been in the behavioral health field for over three decades and operates his own private practice clinic.



(00:51:15) “Pets are guiding angels helping us to better living!” - #DocHeath

(00:54:12) Maureen’s Out of the Dugout BRAIN BALL!

(00:57:30) Deep, Dark Recesses Quirky Cortical Question 

(01:02:10) Chief Shrinkstigator, Dr Ima’s Psycho-Malarky Scale (PMS) Analysis.



(00:28:12) Fresh from the Therapy Couch stories of Hurting, Helping, & Healing

(00:31:18) A.R.T. LAB Library CouchCrumbs Quote



(00:01:14) NOTICE “feelings” but DECIDE based on Accurate, Realistic Thoughts.

(00:04:00) Love & Boundaries - A Great Combo

(00:06:00) A Higher Truth About Toxicity

(00:13:20) Maureen’s “Yeahbut Rabbit” Cognitive Restructuring Technique

(00:19:50) Relationships, Difficult Emotions, & Healthy Restructuring 

(00:23:15) Pets as Dating Coaches

(00:37:20) Pets & Painting Our Own Reality

(00:44:46) B.O.N.E. - Secret Relationship Code of Pets

(00:53:00) Pets as Accountability Partners


NEXT EPISODE - BurgerKing Leadership Myths: How to Lead WITHOUT Having It Your Way in Relationships, Business, & Life!


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Want to Dig Deeper into Today’s Topic?

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