Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

E61: Life’s Not Burger King: Psychology of Leadership

E61. Life’s Not Burger King: Psychology of Leadership w/ Chip Nightingale


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Chip joins Doc Heath (dual Ph.D. in Neuropsychology & Forensic Psychology) & The TBAL Team (Sarah, Heather, Debbie - each licensed clinicians) to explore the benefits of sacrificial leadership.  How can putting yourself LAST, as a leader, lead to the greatest life successes?  Chip shares his hard won success secrets and the losses necessary to make the biggest gains.



(00:08:30) “Peace with others is found through peace with self!” - Doc Heath

(00:49:30) “If you’re not willing to FAIL, you’re never going to succeed.” Doc Heath

(01:02:20) Chip’s Out of the Dugout BRAIN BALL!

(01:04:10) Deep, Dark Recesses Quirky Cortical Question 

(01:06:30) Chief Shrinkstigator, Dr Ima’s Psycho-Malarky Scale (PMS) Analysis.



(00:26:00) Let’s Get Ready to REASON…w/Doc Heath on Social Media SMACKDOWN!

(00:29:00) A.R.T. LAB Creature Feature w/SAFARI SARAH


TherapyBites A.R.T. LAB CHAPTERS:

(00:05:25) Chip’s Personal Journey

(00:12:28) Social Media-Driven Sabotaging Selfishness

(00:22:00) Waking Up to Serve

(00:31:40) Finding PEACE When All You See Is CONFLICT

(00:40:21) Life Leadership Mission Playbook

(00:43:24) Leadership is Obsessed with Service

(00:53:15) Self-Concept & Leadership

(00:55:00) Curing Conflict


NEXT EPISODE - "Roman's Road to Resilience: Psychology of Surival" with special guest Roman Prokopchuk


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Want to Dig Deeper into Today’s Topic?

De Cremer, D., & Van Knippenberg, D. (2004). Leader self-sacrifice and leadership effectiveness: The moderating role of leader self-confidence. Organizational behavior and human decision processes95(2), 140-155.


Galbraith, K. A., & Schvaneveldt, J. D. (2005). Family leadership styles and family well‐being. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal33(3), 220-239.


Maner, J. K., & Mead, N. L. (2010). The essential tension between leadership and power: when leaders sacrifice group goals for the sake of self-interest. Journal of personality and social psychology99(3), 482.


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