Wednesday May 03, 2023

E63. Roman’s Road to Resilience: Psychology of Survival

E63. Roman’s Road to Resilience: Psychology of Survival w/Roman Prokopchuk


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🎙️💪 Need a Resilience Boost? Discover the Power of Resilience with Roman Prokopchuk, Digital Marketing Expert & Foster Parent! 💪🎙️


Ever wondered what it takes to be truly tough? Join us as we unpack the secrets of resilience with Roman Prokopchuk, a first-generation Ukrainian immigrant who's faced life's storms head-on and emerged stronger than ever! 💪


🚀 In this episode, we'll explore:

- Building resilience through life's greatest challenges 🏋️‍♀️

- The healing power of giving back 🎁

- Embracing unexpected blessings 🙌

- Developing mental resilience as a lifelong gift 🎁


🔥 Roman's incredible journey includes digital marketing mastery, Secret Service internship, and being a foster dad to 30+ kids! Get inspired to conquer any challenge with his amazing story! 🏆


🎧 Discover these essential resilience-building topics:

1. Roman's personal resilience journey 🛣️

2. Finding purpose in digital marketing 🌐

3. The "Digital Savage Experience Podcast" 🎙️

4. Unique parenting strategies for foster kids 👨‍👧‍👦

5. Real-life stories of turning tragedy into resilience 🏆

6. Overcoming hurdles as a foster parent 🚧

7. Essential steps to build and maintain resilience 🏗️

8. Ukrainian wisdom for American resilience 🇺🇦

9. The importance of faith in Roman's life 🙏


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🎬 Don't miss our recap with Roman, his top resilience hacks, and FREE resilience advice! PLUS, what world-class advice would Roman give to Putin? 🌍


💥 Ready to unleash your inner Resilience Warrior? Learn from Roman's incredible story and start building unshakable resilience today! 🛡️


👉 Dive deeper with Roman at and listen to the Digital Savage Experience Podcast for more resilience tips and inspiration! 🌟


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